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This piece belongs to the series "Comedy From Kasper Hauser"

Produced by Jesse Thorn

Other pieces by Jesse Thorn

Summary: Comedy Sketch from Kasper Hauser

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Review of Kasper Hauser: Spicy Pony Head

Not exactly a Driveway Moment; it might be more accurately described as a Depends Moment: Caught at the right (or the wrong) time, the listener may be in danger of peeing their pants. Deadpan delivery and totally ridiculous. Dry, droll, and delicious. A worthwhile investment of three minutes of your life. Probably best for a Saturday night or whenever your station dares add a bite of humor to their menu. "Bleu..."

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Review of Kasper Hauser: Spicy Pony Head


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Review of Kasper Hauser: Spicy Pony Head

hilarious. If this could sit next to something "serious" on the radio, it would be the kind of surprise you'd talk about at dinner, it would be the kind of radio you're begging for....(the kind you'd even pledge for) Something "spicy" to perk up the daily fare.

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Review of Kasper Hauser: Spicy Pony Head


A haughty French waiter gives Kasper Hauser a few too many chances to order Spicy Pony Head.

As Kasper says, "I try not to eat things I ride at the fair." But at this restaurant, the spicy equine offering is a steak, a plate, and a garnish. Kasper's attemps to evade the culinary inevitable -- as his waiter insists -- drive the narrative in this comedic short.

We hear just two voices -- Kasper's and his waiter's. Ambiance stays at a diskware-clicking-in-the-background hum.

The writing and the timing keep our interest. Only once, about two minutes out, does Spicy Pony Head get a little old.

This would be fun little piece to find anywhere on the radio dial. But how about at the end of an ATC or other magazine show hour where you'd usually find a restaurant or food review?

Anthea Raymond
PRX Editorial Board
October 26, 2006
Los Angeles