Outside Purchasers

Not with a station but want to buy pieces on PRX? If you’re a national radio program, podcast, Internet radio stream, or other audio outlet, contact us to learn more about our outside purchaser program.

Being an outside purchaser on PRX.org gives you streamlined access to tens of thousands of high-quality audio works of all lengths, styles, and topics from a wide range of producers.


Outside purchasers on PRX.org operate differently from our station members, which make up the majority of licensing activity on the site. Unlike stations, which pay in PRX points at prices set by the producer, outside purchasers pay a dollar amount they set and the producer must agree to.

Outside purchasers pay an annual $500 membership fee to PRX (if you already have a paid group membership we can deduct the pro-rated group fee from the $500 fee). We invoice quarterly for the purchases you make, and we pay 100% of royalties directly to producers whose work you buy. (PRX will add a 5% processing fee if invoices exceed $10,000 per membership year.)

As an outside purchaser, you determine one price and one set of terms to apply to all pieces you purchase on PRX.org. The price can be per minute or per piece. For example, a national show might pay $100/minute, and a podcast might pay $75/piece. The terms and pricing are an agreement between you and the producer of the piece, also governed by the PRX Terms of Use.

How it Works

Once your account is set up, visit a piece page. If you see a ‘Buy this piece’ link, this means that the producer already opted in to your pricing and terms. Otherwise, you’ll see a ‘Request opt-in’ link. When you submit an opt-in request, the piece producer receives an email notification. Once they decide whether to accept or decline, you receive an email notification. (If you don’t hear anything in a day or two, we encourage you to email the producer directly or ask us to help track them down.)

If the producer opts in, you can buy and use their piece according to the terms of your agreement. If they decline, you can’t. But never fear - there are plenty of fish in the PRX sea! Simply keep looking until you find something else, or ask us for help.


Contact us and let us know. We’ll ask you some questions about your organization, the intended use of purchased audio, and the terms you plan to offer. If we approve, we’ll help you create a group account (if you don’t already have one) and give you purchasing ability. We can also point you to some relevant pieces and walk you through the request and purchase process.