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  • Location: Alexandria, VA

From the group that puts the "MOCK" in Democracy, it's the Capitol Steps! Founded by former Congressional staffers, the Capitol Steps provide a unique blend of musical and political comedy to our Nation's Capital and more. The Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that once employed them. Many of the performers have worked on Capitol Hill. In fact, the current cast of the Capitol Steps has at one time or another infested the offices of eleven US Senators and seven Members of the House of Representatives. (Most of these politicians have since been defeated or placed under investigation.) The Capitol Steps have recorded 27 albums, including their latest, "Springtime for Liberals." They have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and can be heard 4 times a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their "Politics Takes a Holiday" radio specials.



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Has it been a rough year? Did you put all of your savings into Bill De Blasio's presidential campaign? Did you get a haircut from Boris Johnson's b...

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Caption: Capitol Steps July 4th Special!
This July 4th, the Capitol Steps answer all of the burning questions! What rhymes with Pete Buttigieg? If Joe Biden and Donald Trump have a Twitt...

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Has it been a rough year? Did you buy stock in Sears? Or invest in Ivanka’s clothing line? Did you take a job as a public relations spokesperson...

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Capitol Steps July 4th 2018 special, featuring songs sung by Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and Vladimir Putin. An hour o...

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Caption: President-Elect Trump, Credit: Capitol Steps
If only the Capitol Steps had some funny material to work with in 2016…is something that will never cross your mind when listening to their Year In...

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Caption: Capitol Steps, Credit: Capitol Steps
Tune in this New Year’s and laugh, because making fun of fourteen candidates is way more fun than simply making fun of two.

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Caption: Capitol Steps, Credit: Mike Reyna
This Independence Day, enjoy the Capitol Steps one-hour long special, “Politics Takes a Holiday!”

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Help say good-bye and good riddance to 2014 with the Capitol Steps and their annual year-end review. It’s all in their hour-long special of “Polit...

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Caption: The Capitol Steps, Credit: Mike Reyna
The Capitol Steps will address timely issues set to show tunes! There’s John Kerry singing “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Crimea?” and Hillary C...

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Caption: Capitol Steps, Credit: Capitol Steps
Help roast 2013 to a crisp with the Capitol Steps and their annual year-in-review awards ceremony!

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