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Caption: The Immediate Aftermath
My five year old cut off my three year old's hair. A few weeks later, I decided to interview them and get their explanations. Here's what they tol...

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Caption: Faisdodo modeling the 2012 Drool Necklace, Credit: David Weinberg
I was sitting in bed reading one night when I heard the strangest sound...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
A third grader recalls an unusual problem he had during an assembly when he was in first grade.

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Will a kindergartner and a first grader find the same thing funny? A school librarian in San Francisco teamed up with his Kindergartners to write ...

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Caption: Konstantine and Salina in grade 2 class photo.
The funny and touching love story of Konstantine and Salina. They met in 1st grade, and parted ways in 8th grade - just another childhood crush. Bu...

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Can coconut cake + random phone calls = love? Find out, when these two Valentine's Day traditions collide.

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Ever try to give your cat a bath?

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A child's Christmas thoughts spring into song.

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One woman's philanthropic mission comes full circle.

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