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Review of Sounds of the Suburbs

This is literally just a bunch of sound recordings from your local suburb – or MY local suburb as the case may be.

I live in Richardson Texas; so, I can attest to the authenticity of the sounds. One night, I tried to record some crickets outside my apartment and was maddened by how dominant the freeway sounds were. I live under a major overpass where US Highway 70 intersects the George W. Bush Turnpike. Those crickets could have been recorded outside my place.

My favorite sounds were from the sports practices. I also love the way the outdoor sounds go quiet as we get into the car. I love that effect. I can’t tell you the times I’ve slipped into my car with a sigh of relief… quiet. I wonder if city dwellers get that effect too.

I agree with the previous reviewer, the whole thing is a bit long. I would prefer about 3 minutes. If the piece were compressed a bit, I think it could be molded into a better rhythm and pace. In a shorter form, it might stand alone.

In its current form the only use I can think of is background to a story set in or about the burbs.