Piece Comment

Review of Kitty Keeps On Singing

To the producer:

I love the use of old recordings in this piece. I find such artifacts instantly intriguing because sound, unlike pictures, is something we experience in real time. That's what makes it so captivating. We are able to experience a moment exactly as it unfolded.

I'd recommend that the old recordings be introduced much earlier in the piece and that the long introduction where you recount your grandmother's life of tragedy be removed or pared down significantly.

I like your narration style and your voice. Could you negotiate time in a studio and record the voice over in a better environment? I think it would really help the quality of the piece.

The point of this story is that in the face of tragedy, Kitty keeps singing. Is singing really a universal reaction to tragedy among strong women? If so, bring that out more. When the conclusion that "great dames keep singing” is drawn, I want to feel that you've brought me to that conclusion through more reflection.

To producers:

This piece is listed as being related to Memorial Day. I think this is feasible, but a lot of editing would be required to highlight the "Memorial Day" theme. There are a lot of unrelated themes in this piece, and unfortunately for Memorial Day, the conclusion of the piece is more about one woman's method of coping with tragedy than a celebration or reflection on the holiday.