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An unsung hero of the jazz bass describes how he learned to tailor his sound to singers like Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald. Includes Betts's...

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Almost classical. Almost ...

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Opera singer -- qu'est-ce que c'est?

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Caption: Stuff Smith and friends, Credit: family photo
Hezekiah Leroy Gordon “Stuff” Smith was the most important American jazz violinist of the 20th Century. He recorded with Ella Fitzgerald. Oscar Pet...

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The late poet John Ashbery, who died September 3, 2017, remembers his youth as a radio star. And he describes his love for American vernacular spee...

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Caption: Amit Peled + the Casals cello.
Time machine? Try this cello: The stories swirling around Pablo Casals's instrument — now almost 300 years old — are full of time-warp coincidence,...

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Caption: Preyas Roy performs at the corner of Michigan and Randolph, in downtown Chicago
Preyas Roy has performed in famous venues like the Jazz Showcase. But he makes his living on a downtown Chicago street corner — despite the unwield...

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Caption: Chris Foreman at the Hammond B3
Chris Foreman plays Sundays in Church. And every Friday night, he's at Chicago's legendary Green Mill — playing the funky Hammond B3 organ in a nig...

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Caption: Olivia Block records a sound sculpture by Harry Bertoia in Chicago.
Olivia Block's compositions have been praised by the likes of The New York Times. But she really loves sounds that don’t often count as music — the...

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Caption: Olivia Block gathering audio in Chicago
The work of composer and sound artist Olivia Block has been described as "distinctive and individual" by The New York Times. She is happy enough wr...

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Caption: Dan Fernandez with a fog-catcher in Santa Cruz. Writer Andrew Leonard sees in fog-catchers a real-world analog to the fictional dew-catchers of Dune., Credit: Jeremy Dalmas
The sci-fi epic of "Dune" takes place on a desert planet. There, the water in even a single tear is precious. Can Dune offer lessons for the drough...

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David Schulman was named the Most Licensed Producer by PRX Remix in the 2014 Zeitfunk Awards. Here is David's acceptance speech, in which he annou...

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Caption: Mysterious detail from the funk-cloning electron microgramatoscope, Credit: Dr. Schulmanstein
If James Brown was the Godfather of Soul, George Clinton remains the undisputed Crown Prince of Funk. Parliament-Funkadelic. Flashlight. The Mothe...

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He's a dobro player, folks. Who said anything about Jimi Hendrix?

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The harpist talks about how he takes an instrument beloved of Colombian cowboys, and forged a place for it in American jazz.

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Caption: Scientists discovered the "sound channel" in 1944. Whales use it to communicate across oceans — and during the Cold War the Navy secretly used it to track nuclear subs. This 1948 graphic shows sound traveling on an axis 700 fathoms down in the Atlantic., Credit: Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel
Something unusual happens about a half mile under the sea. Ocean physics create a special zone where sound travels for hundreds, even thousands of ...

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Caption: Data from 12 different locations let violinmaker Joseph Curtin digitize a violin's sonic fingerprint., Credit: David Schulman
The sound of a fine acoustic violin is deviously hard to mimic. But a leading maker now has a digital prototype designed to sound the equal of a St...

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Original riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna remembers the DIY feminist punk scene she catalyzed in 1992 with Bikini Kill. (The band's first EP was re-releas...

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Bluegrass veteran Del McCoury talks about the choreography of playing bluegrass — in front of just one or two mics.

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One of the world's elite concert violinists talks about improvising with Hauschka, who plays a piano doctored with duct tape and ping-pong balls. ...

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