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Caption: An instructor at Moscow's Kulakov Center, a flagship hospital for maternity care in Russia., Credit: Julia Barton
The Russian government wants to improve its country's birthrate. One way to do that is to improve maternity care and reduce infant mortality. But n...

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Caption: The NGO "Road Safety Russia" has been using photos like this to promote child car seat use., Credit: Road Safety Russia
A lot of people die on Russian roads. But things are getting better thanks to better enforcement and a clever public service ad campaign.

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They're defying the trajectory forged by their parents and returning as journalists to a part of the world that told their families they'd never be...

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Caption: Youth dance troupe at the Circassian Benevolent Association in Wayne, NJ., Credit: Julia Barton
As far as he knows, Zack Barsik is the first Circassian born in the US. He grew up in Passaic County, New Jersey, where Barsik’s father emigrated f...

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Caption: Alexei Kravets is trying to save his home in Sochi., Credit: Julia Barton
Russia's southern-most city of Sochi is gearing up to host the Winter Olympics in 2014. Russian president Vladimir Putin says hosting the Games is ...

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Caption: Pastor Sunday Adelaja in Kiev., Credit: Julia Barton
Although the country of Ukraine is mostly Orthodox and Greek Catholic, Protestants are gaining a foot-hold there. One of the biggest Protestant chu...

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Caption: Alexander Yellin., Credit: Julia Barton
Thousands of protesters gathered in the months before the re-election of Vladimir Putin as Russia's president. Putin’s supporters and detractors bo...

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Caption: Portrait of Leonid Utesov by Soviet artist Alexander Laktionov, Credit: Julia Barton
Twenty years ago, the Soviet Union was in its last throes. A hardline Communist coup failed in August 1991, but officially the USSR still existed u...

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Caption: A holding cell in Uzbekistan., Credit: Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch Researcher Steve Swerdlow spent two months in Uzbekistan in late 2010. During that time, he got a rare glimpse into this isolate...

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Produced for the Third Coast Audio Festival Short Docs, 2006.

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Caption: Faramus Ibrahimov., Credit: Joshua Sarantitis
Many refugees in the United States have complicated stories to tell. The plight of the Meskhetian Turks spans six decades and four countries. Now s...

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Caption: Constance Carman says goodbye to a soldier., Credit: Julia Barton
When U.S. soldiers come back home on leave, they fly through a few central airports. For soldiers headed west of the Mississippi River, that airpor...

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Caption: Doug Kondziolka of Don Juan and Miguel, Credit: Julia Barton
Renaissance festivals are olden, but they're also getting old. Many of the velvet-costumed, jousting, and sword-wielding performers at these festiv...

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Caption: The Ewings of Texas captivated audiences around the world., Credit: CBS/Lorimar Studios
"Dallas" star Larry Hagman died on November 23rd, 2012. But the prime-time soap that made him famous as J.R. Ewing lives on. The original show aire...

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