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Caption: In the summer monsoon season, grass carpets the Chiricahua foothills., Credit: Aengus Anderson
In the wake of a catastrophic fire, researchers use Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains to look centuries into the future of climate change and ask "wha...

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Caption: David Miller, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Rep. David Miller was the architect of Wyoming’s “Doomsday Bill,” which created a committee to study the state's response to a collapse of the US F...

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Caption: Joseph Tainter, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Dr. Joseph Tainter is an anthropologist and historian who has studied collapse in numerous ancient civilizations and penned The Collapse of Complex...

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Caption: David Korten, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Dr. David Korten is an economist, author, and progressive activist with a background in international business...

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Caption: Cameron Whitten, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Cameron Whitten is a 21 year-old activist and former mayoral candidate from Portland, Oregon.

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Caption: John Zerzan, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
John Zerzan is an anarcho-primitivist writer and speaker.

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Caption: Ariel Waldman, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Ariel Waldman is the founder of, a site promoting the democratization of space science.

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Caption: Gabriel Stempinski, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Gabriel Stempinski is a self-proclaimed evangelist of the new sharing economy.

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Caption: Dr. Lisa Petrides, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
It took eleven episodes, but we finally bring a in-depth discussion of education into The Conversation.

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  • Length: 34:51
Caption: Dr. Timothy Morton, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
A conversation with the Dark Ecologist himself.

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Caption: Micah Saul, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Aengus and Micah break back into The Conversation for a quick status update on the project: how they have been approaching interviews, some new way...

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Caption: Dr. Chris McKay, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Dr. Chris McKay is a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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Caption: Alexander Rose, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Alexander Rose is the Executive Director at the Long Now Foundation, a San Francisco-based group dedicated to encouraging long-term thinking.

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  • Length: 31:36
Caption: Jan Lundberg, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Jan Lundberg is a former oil industry analyst turned environmental activist. He is the founder of Culture Change and the Sail Transport Network. We...

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  • Length: 37:43
Caption: Andrew Keen, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Andrew Keen, the self-professed Anti-Christ of Silicon Valley, is the author of The Cult of the Amateur: How Blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the Rest ...

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Caption: Dr. Colin Camerer, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Dr. Colin Camerer is one of the pioneers of neuroeconomics, a combination of neuroscience, psychology, and traditional economic theory. Our convers...

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Caption: Peter Warren, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
The Malpai Borderlands Group is a coalition of ranchers and environmentalists who manage over 75,000 acres of grassland in Southeastern Arizona. Do...

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Caption: Dr. Max More, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Dr. Max More is the CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and founder of the magazine Extropy. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Universit...

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Caption: Rev. John Fife, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
We plunge into The Conversation with our first interview: Reverend John Fife. Our conversation started with Rev. Fife’s experience with the Sanctua...

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Caption: Aengus Anderson, Credit: Eleanor Davis,
Before we start with interviews, we should probably give you a little background about The Conversation: what it is, what it isn’t, and why we thin...

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