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Caption: Andy Serkis at "Return of the King" premiere +Maori Village performer
Dmae Roberts spent a month in New Zealand and recorded sounds and interviewed people along the way leading up to the world premiere of "The Return ...

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  • Length: 10:27
Caption: Ellen Choy-Asians4BlackLives, Credit: Brooke Anderson Photography
Crossing East: Relations is one-hour documentary special produced by Dmae Roberts, executive producer of MediaRites’ Crossing East series with Roby...

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Caption: New Zealand contemporary dance troupe Black Grace. (Artistic Direction: Neil Ieremia; , Credit: Photography: Duncan Cole
If you’ve ever seen New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team, you know something about the Haka. It’s the traditional Maori warrior dance they use as a ...

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Caption: Luis & Luisa Quintero of Luis' Tacqueria in Woodburn, OR, Credit:  Photo by Richard Jensen
Throughout the West, historic discriminatory laws have excluded people of color from settling and owning property. Because of that, many Western st...

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Caption: Fisherman's Friends , Credit: Courtesy of Fisherman's Friends
For more than 15 years, the Fisherman’s Friends, a group of 10 men who grew up together in the same little village, have been singing sea shanties ...

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Caption: Nainoa Kaiama, Credit: Richard Jensen
A teen combines new farming techniques with traditional foodways at one of Hawaii's remaining agricultural high schools to help his family's farm.

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Caption: Chu-Yin Lo  Roberts
Dmae Roberts produced a special half-hour radio memorial on the 10th anniversary of her mom’s death. Remembrance: On Time And Distance is part memo...

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Producer Dmae Roberts embarks on a one-hour exploration of what makes Portland, OR a creative haven for artists, performers, writers and media peop...

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Caption: Lisa See
Dmae Roberts talks with acclaimed author Lisa See about her novels, her research process, and about the horrors of the "Great Leap Foward" in mid-c...

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Caption: Self-portrait, Geneva, 1912, Credit: Oregon Jewish Museum
Producer Tali Singer presents a feature on composer Ernest Bloch. Editor: Dmae Roberts

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  • Length: 09:24
Caption: Sitka Center, Credit: Richard Jensen
Dmae Roberts presents a profile of the 40-year-old Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the Oregon Coast. The picturesque center nestled in beautifu...

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Dmae Roberts features an in-depth and lively interview with Northwest Writer Ivan Doig.

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This show profiles novelist Molly Gloss, whose books have shed light on untold stories of women in the American West.

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Caption: Ursula K. Le Guin, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
Dmae Roberts features author Ursula K. Le Guin.

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Caption: Henry Winkler, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
Actor Henry Winkler didn't know he had dyslexia till his oldest son was diagnosed with it. Winkler was 31 at the time. He has become the author of...

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Caption: Opal Whiteley, Credit: Cottage Grove Historical Society
"Talking With The Wind: The Mystery of Opal Whiteley," a half-hour documentary about Opal Whiteley who caused an international scandal in 1920 whe...

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Caption: Hamlet at OSF, Credit: Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon Shakespeare Festival kicks off its 75th season with a fresh take on Hamlet.

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Caption: Grace Kurlychek, Credit: Dmae Roberts
A girl with disabilities receives emotional and physical therapy through horse-riding.

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A brief history of the impact the sugar industry had on immigration to Hawaii from all over the world.

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Caption: Docent at Hawaii's Plantation Village, Credit: Photo Credit: Richard Jensen
“Plantation Culture” takes a look at what life was like growing up and living on the plantations. And how this life shaped the multicultural soci...

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