All Pieces for Eric Drachman

Caption: Katharine's pre-chemo haircut., Credit: Peter Konerko
Katharine Gibson was not expecting to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her struggle to beat the disease and complete her treatment, the shi...

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Caption: Drawbridge tender, Mike Botelho at the controls.
What does it take to raise and lower a 73 ton drawbridge without the motors? Listen to what engineers in Woods Hole, MA did after Hurricane Sandy f...

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Caption: Picking Day
Dennis Clemishaw is a cranberry farmer. He knows its a risky business, but now he owns his own bogs and is banking his retirement on them.

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Caption: Ryan and his djembe in his RV.
Cape Cod heating and air conditioning installer, Ryan Fletcher, discovers a creative outlet when he finds his way to his first drum circle.

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