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Featured PRX Members

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Sean Hickey

With a background in commercial radio production and on-air, all Sean ever wanted to do was play country music on the wireless. The roots of his love for country music, ...
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Kristin Dreyer Kramer

A lifelong lover of all things entertainment, Kristin Dreyer Kramer has spent much of her life buried in a book or engrossed in a movie. Since writing her first reviews in ...
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Michael Park

Scotsman, Michael Park, was a publicist in the UK, before moving to America to become a freelance journalist writing celebrity interviews and features for British newspapers ...
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Davia Nelson

Along with producing radio stories with Nikki Silva, Davia Nelson is also a screenwriter, producer, and casting director. She co-wrote and co-produced the feature film ...
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Daniel Wargo

I am an independent radio programmer and have been creating several series of programs for PRX since 2006... "The Stone Age" explores electric music as it changed from ...
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D. Grant Smith

With over 17 years in radio, my experience is in both realms of commercial and public radio. Our syndicated program, The Appetizer Radio Show, is available for addition to ...