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Recent Pieces from Viki Merrick

Caption: Amy Klein, Credit: Sarah Stacke

2324: Over the River and Through the Woods, 12/12/2023 (54:00)
From: The Moth

This week, a special holiday episode from The Moth. Unlikely Christmas wishes, letters from The Grinch, and a husband by Chanukah. This episode is hosted by Angelica ...
Caption: Bridgett Davis, Credit: Liz Mackinder

1921: Parental Guidance, 12/5/2023 (53:58)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of learning from one's parents. Difficult life lessons, words of wisdom (not always heeded), and being lead by example. Listen to your father; mother ...
Caption: Alan Rabinowitz, Credit: Sarah Stacke

2325: Creatures Great & Small, 11/28/2023 (54:00)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of encounters with the animal kingdom. Songbirds, rogue rams, carnivorous threats—and friends. This episode is hosted by Moth storyteller and host Ray ...
Caption: Caitlin FitzGerald, Credit: Jason Falchook

1925: Forever and Ever, 11/21/2023 (53:57)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of things past shaping the here and now; the smell and taste of home, whirlwind romance, and finding comfort and kinship in the most dire of ...
Caption: Ritija Gupta, Credit: Dave Burbank

1918: Food, Glorious Food, 8/22/2023 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, fasting, feasting, and traveling salmon; stories about foods that nourish the body as well as the soul. Hosted by The Moth's Executive Producer Sarah Austin ...
Caption: Oscar Saavedra, Credit: Nathan Napolitano

2320: What's Up, Doc?, 11/14/2023 (54:00)
From: The Moth

Stories are medicine for the soul, but in this hour, stories of real medicine. Hospital residencies, doctor visits, and difficult diagnoses. This episode is hosted by Suzanne ...
Caption: Jill Morgenthaler, Credit: Photo by Jason Falchook

1820: Hope and Glory, 11/7/2023 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, four stories of determination, hope and battling for both survival and respect. From bootcamp in Fort Bragg to base camp in Kirkuk, Iraq; from the front lines ...
Caption: Arn Chorn-Pond, Credit: Jason Falchook

1922: Confrontations, 10/31/2023 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this hour, stories of war, face-offs, and confronting the demons within. A man must come to terms with his sexuality (as well as those who judge him), a woman learns that ...
Caption: Isamula Elika Malesi, Credit: Mervyn Omari

2315: Not as They Seem, 10/24/2023 (53:59)
From: The Moth

In this episode, stories of hidden truths, white lies, and defied expectations—on dates, at a wake, and on the dance floor. This episode is hosted by Moth Senior Director Meg ...