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Comment for "Here Comes the Night"

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Review of Here Comes the Night

Nick, the producer, has a good radio voice, which keeps a steady rhythm throughout the piece. He captures some good sound, as well. But, while it claims to be a business piece, the producer didn't address any of the business aspects of Home Runners, like how much the drivers charge or if its profitable. I would have liked to hear a bit more about that. Overall, I liked it. But I'm from Portland, so maybe the piece is more interesting to me than it would be to someone in any other city, USA.

Comment for "Vietnam Blues"

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Review of Vietnam Blues

I am a big fan of this piece. The production was smooth and seamless. Vince Gabriel's intimate narration paired with his music and lyrics was a very powerful method for telling his story. I was drawn in and remained absorbed throughout. I would love to hear this piece on any public radio station, and not just on Veterans' Day.

Comment for "World War One and Armistice Day"

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Review of WW-I and Armistice Day

The use of interview tape with a WWI veteran enhances this piece tremendously, as does the period music recordings. It is a piece that would work well, obviously, with Veterans' Day. But it also hints at themes which could be expanded upon, such as war in general and propaganda that is used during war time, including the current war in Iraq. Everyone should be aware of where our Veterans' Day comes from and the tremendous sacrifice that our veterans have made.

Comment for "Vietnam Bones"

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Review of Vietnam Bones

This piece is an intimate look into a family, especially the son-in-law Dereyk Patterson, dealing with the war trophy of a veteran. It is a story not often heard, with Veterans day arriving and the current war in Iraq raging, we must wonder if this practice is being repeated with the bones of dead Iraqis, or vice-versa. Are the bones of dead American soldiers sitting in a box in some Vietnamese village, or an Iraqi town? It is an engaging piece that sheds light on a topic rarely discussed.