Comments by Diana Opong

Comment for "Perinatal Hospice: A Parents Story"

Touching Piece

This is a sad, but touching piece. Miles provides a story on a topic that is rarely known or heard of. Good actualities with the mom. It may have been neat (if possible) to have heard from the father as well.

Comment for "Senior Citizens Barber Shop"

Good piece, but watch out for ...

This is great piece. It has good nat sound and is a well edited story. I listened to it twice before I licensed it. Thankfully I decided to listen to it one more time before my work was done and noticed there are two curse words in it that I don't recall seeing a disclaimer about, so watch out for "S@!+" ... they appear at 2:55 and 2:55.

Comment for "Black and African"

Review of Black and African

This piece shows the at times minute yet prevalent issues that exist between these two cultural groups. It's a very truthful and accurate account of the perception Africans have of their Black-American counterparts. The dichotomy between both cultural groups is presented well and it's a look at an issue within the "black community" that not many people may be aware of.