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My Farm House (04:11)
From: Sheri Quinn

Natural gas drilling sites surround the Partin's farm house in Monroe County, Ohio and its effects have crept up to their front porch. Young Deb Partin decided to do ...
Caption: The crowds stream into a mall on Black Friday., Credit: Image courtesy of Flickr user kevinspencer.

Distillations Episode 135: Black Friday (11:36)
From: Distillations

Step away from the sale rack! On this episode of Distillations we examine your brain under the influence of shopping, as well as a potential health hazard found in receipts.
Caption: Tim Hetherington, Credit: Sheri Quinn

In Memory of Tim Hetherington (14:01)
From: Sheri Quinn

Photojournalist and war correspondent Tim Hetherington was killed wednesday, April 20, 2011 along with two other journalists while covering the fighting in the embattled ...