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Review of Spiritual Reflections From Combat: The Bill Schiebler Story

A man who experienced violent deadly combat and the intense racial tensions of the 60's army talks about it, and about what it made him think and do. It's shocking (to most of us, I guess) to hear this kind, thoughtful man talk so matter of factly about killing people so violently and messily. As in many honest war stories, you hear about awful situations where it's hard to imagine what you would do -- but you have to do something. Not that it's cool in tone -- Schiebler gets quite emotional at times. You also hear about how his work with black soldiers affected him. It is a moving, well paced story. It's a lot to sit down with headphones and listen to, but I think on the air it will work. I'm trying to get some funding to run it on Armistice Day (or Veteran's Day, whatever they're calling it). If that doesn't work I'll get it on the air on Memorial Day.