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The Big Pond #03: Revitalizing Atlanta’s Downtown with German Investors (11:02)
From: Goethe-Institut

When Jake Nawrocki had the idea to revive the Southside of Atlanta’s downtown neighborhood – which could take ten to 20 years – he had to find investors interested to commit ...
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Pie by Another Name: The Burekas of Or Ve Shalom (26:05)
From: Southern Foodways Alliance

Every Tuesday a group of women gets together at Or Ve Shalom Synagogue in Atlanta to bake hundreds of savory hand-held pies. They are called burekas and come in five ...
Caption: ...wide river as ever..., Credit: Susan Cook

A Citizens' Guide to The Brand: Democracy By Fear and Branding (03:55)
From: Susan J. Cook

The Constitution does not say "We, the Brand Consumer". It says "We, the... thinking , questioning, remembering, mind-changing, advocating and yes, voting... People". We ...