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For undocumented immigrants, driver's licenses secure a sense of freedom (05:31)
From: KALW

It’s been over a year since undocumented immigrants in California have been able to get driver’s licenses through the AB 60 law. The first week the law took effect, there ...
Caption: A view of Lehigh Cement plant in the Silicon Valley foothills near Cupertino., Credit: Angela Johnston

Cement plant rankles Silicon Valley neighbors (08:52)
From: KALW

Since 2010, the Bay Area’s population has grown at a faster rate than the US, or California as a whole. And the growth in population – spurred by the tech industry – is ...
Caption: Jon Stern out on his boat underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

What the health of whales and porpoises can tell us about the health of our bay and ocean (08:14)
From: KALW

Marine biologist Jon Stern studies cetaceans: porpoises, dolphins and whales. Stern is a professor at San Francisco State and also leads field studies on the Northern ...
Caption: Erika Escalante stands in front of her home at Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, Credit: Angela Johnston

Affordable by design: the fight to save one of Silicon Valley’s last mobile home parks (08:08)
From: KALW

Buena Vista is a diverse community, made up of seniors, families, people with disabilities. The majority of residents are low income, and Latino. People here own their mobile ...
Caption: Sarah Rogers poses with her NUMMI-made car, a Toyota Tacoma named Goldie, Credit: Angela Johnston

NUMMI, five years later (28:37)
From: KALW

When the NUMMI auto factory in Fremont closed five years ago, close to 5,000 people lost their jobs. An estimated 20,000 others were also out of work, people who worked for ...
Caption: "Read" in braille, Credit: ARTWORK BY ANGELA JOHNSTON

Is braille relevant in a digital age? (08:26)
From: KALW

Marco Salsiccia is a huge movie buff. He owns hundreds of DVDs. They fill his small apartment in the Sunset District. Some are piled on his dining room table, others are ...
Caption: Dave Zouzounis stands behind the counter at Ted's Market, holding a book with Janet Delaney's photograph of him and his dad, Credit: Angela Johnston

South of Market to SoMa: a photographic memory of one of San Francisco’s changing neighborhoods (09:52)
From: KALW

It’s the last week of school at Bessie Carmichael Elementary on 7th and Harrison in the South of Market neighborhood. Photographer Janet Delaney and I are here to see someone ...
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A place in the Tenderloin where sleep is sacred (08:07)
From: KALW

Every morning in the Tenderloin, when people all around San Francisco are starting to wake up, around 30 people gather at St. Boniface Church, waiting to go sleep. This is ...