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Caption: Julie McCallister has now run for Wyoming House District 47 and lost twice, but says she remains as committed as ever to politics and public service., Credit: Caroline Ballard

For Women, Winning Elections Sometimes Means Losing First (04:19)
From: Women Run the West

To get on a primary ballot in Wyoming only takes a few things… meeting age and residency requirements, signing your name, and 200 bucks. But when it comes to actually running ...
Caption: A statue of Louisa Swain, the first woman to cast a ballot. Swain lived in Laramie, WY.

150 Years After Suffrage, Wyoming Women Still Find Equality Elusive (04:17)
From: Women Run the West

Nearly 150 years ago, Wyoming was the first place in the country to grant women the right to vote. Congress didn’t pass the 19th amendment, guaranteeing all American women ...