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Caption: Supporters use a Rahul Gandhi poster as an umbrella, Credit: Sandip Roy

Rahul's Storm (04:30)
From: KALW

Sandip Roy attended a recent rally for Indian National Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi, but storm clouds were gathering.
Caption: Voters in India, Credit: Sandip Roy

Giving politicians the finger! (04:30)
From: KALW

Voting in India is the largest organized event in the world! Sandip Roy goes to the polls.
Caption: Modi supporters at a rally, Credit: Reuters

India's Wall of Noise (04:30)
From: KALW

Sandip Roy sends us an audio postcard from the 2014 Indian election season.
Caption: RD Burman

Happy Birthday Burman (04:30)
From: KALW

R.D. Burman would have turned 75 last week and Bollywood threw a great birthday bash. Sandip Roy and Kronos Quartet violinist David Harrington remember him.
Caption: Argentina shrine, Credit: Sandip Raoy

Football! (04:30)
From: KALW

World Cup fever has infected the entire world... including Kolkata, India!