Station Resources

About PRX Stations

Whether you are a large news station in a top-30 market or an eclectic community radio station in a small town, when you join PRX you become part of a growing social network of public radio listeners, producers, and over 400 other stations.

Station staffers can use PRX to find new, diverse, and exceptional radio programming. PRX has thousands of pieces on every topic and of every length. We feature date-pegged material to help make planning ahead easy and our advanced search tool helps you find pieces on a range of topics, tones, formats, lengths, and more.

You can also upload and sell your station-produced work. With a paid station membership, you can even make royalties if other stations buy your pieces.


Joining PRX

PRX welcomes any public, community, college, or low power FM station. We offer one-year trial memberships for stations, plus annual paid memberships with great benefits:

  Trial Paid
Cost Free Sliding scale. See calculator.
Audio Space 2 hours Unlimited!
Downloads 2 hours Varies (a lot more). See calculator.
Royalties Nope Yes!

Paid Memberships

The PRX station membership fee is based on the total station revenue (TSR) plus how many hours of content the station would like to download over the course of a year.

This calculator will give you an estimate of your PRX station membership fee. Enter your total station revenue and you will see an estimate of your station fee based on how many hours of content you would like to download off PRX.


Signing Up and Adding Members

When a station joins PRX, each station staffer gets his/her own profile that is linked to the station profile. That way, each person can become part of the PRX community, plus the station gets its own profile and catalog of station pieces. Plus, each station has one or more admins who can adjust privileges for each staffer (e.g., if you have an intern who would love to be a part of the station on PRX but who you don't want to be able to buy pieces).

1. Create the Station Account
First, sign up on our home page for an individual account under your own name with a username along the lines of your own name (not the station call letters). Then:

  1. Log in and go to My PRX.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Request New Station.
  3. Fill out all the info.

Someone from PRX will be in touch to finalize your membership package and walk you through what you need to know about PRX.

2. Adding Staff to the Station
Each station staff member who needs access to the station account to purchase or post pieces needs to sign up on our home page for an individual account. Once logged in, he/she can join the station by going to the station profile and clicking Request to join station staff. The admin will receive an email for each person requesting to join the station. Just follow the link in the email to approve (or not!).


Once a staff member has created an account on our home page, a station admin can log into PRX and go to My PRX > choose the station account from the Choose Account dropdown > scroll down to Manage Members. In Manage Members, search for the name of the staff member you'd like to add. Give him or her admin privileges if the staffer should be able to buy pieces, see carriage reports, and see royalty statements. If you'd like the staffer to upload station pieces only, don't check the admin box next to his/her name.