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Playlist: Susan O'Leary's Portfolio

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The Session

From Susan O'Leary | Part of the The Radio Ballads series | 16:51

A group of non-professional musicians in California who have been getting together to play traditional Irish music every week for over a decade.

The Session
Susan O'Leary

Photo4_small An interview with Jonas Richardson and Gary Arcemont, two of the players at the Morro Bay Irish Session, which has been going for over ten years. They discuss the difficulties of finding a place to play, what a session is like and how it differs from a performance or being in a group, and why the communal experience of playing music together is so important to them.

The Irish Session

From Susan O'Leary | Part of the The Radio Ballads series | 05:00

A group of musicians in Morro Bay California have been getting together every week for over a decade to play traditional Irish music (short version).

Morro_bay_small Jonas Richardson and Gary Arcemont of San Luis Obispo California talk about traditional Irish music sessions, why they love to play music - and what happened when legendary Irish banjo player Mick Moloney turned up unannounced to play with them one day...

Every Little Curve In The Road

From Susan O'Leary | 53:00

Interview with guitarist Stuart Mason (Molly's Revenge, Little Black Train) about making a living as a musician, writing new songs in an old tradition, just what exactly are 'hellbenders' anyways?


'Every Little Curve In The Road' is an in-depth interview with musician Stuart Mason about the strange pathways music has taken him down throughout his life. His main gig is as the guitarist for dynamic Celtic band Molly's Revenge, but Mason's long and varied career embraces bluegrass, Old Time and Irish music, and covers territory from the mountains of West Virginia to the beaches of Maui. He is the proud owner of a banjo carved like a steelhead trout, and in this interview he talks about hellbenders, lullabies, and what it takes to make a living as a musician.

To The Borderline: David Francey Interview

From Susan O'Leary | Part of the The Radio Ballads series | 08:30

Interview with Canadian singer-songwriter David Francey.

Late_edition_small Canadian singer-songwriter David Francey talks about inspiration, endless touring and the importance of melody on the eve of the release of his 9th album, Late Edition, and the beginning of a mammoth tour that will take him all around North America and over the water to Ireland.