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Week 03 // New Robert Hunter Song & Bear's Old Truck

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 58:00

We hear a new song from the late Robert Hunter. Plus, the truck owned by Owsley Stanley and used by the Grateful Dead goes to to auction.


Truckin' ! - Rick Miner with Barrett-Jackson Auctions talks about the 1949 Studebaker which will be auctioned off on Sunday (1/19). The truck known as "The Dred" was owned by Owsley Stanley and used by the Grateful Dead to haul their equipment to shows in the late 60's.  


The late Robert Hunter would often send lyrics to his friend, David Nelson. One of the last batches included lyrics to a track titled: Movin' Right Along. Barry Sless plays lead guitar on the new song. He talks about the lyrics and the relationship between David Nelson and the Grateful Dead.

We'll crack open the Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991 Box Set

We hear a preview of the upcoming Dave's Picks Volume 34

Keep on Truckin' !
50 Years Ago This Month -
The Grateful Dead were “Busted Down On Bourbon Street.” On January 31st, 1970, the group's hotel room was raided and the entire band got arrested on drug charges. However, the experience would go on to influence the lyrics of “Truckin’“, one of the Dead’s most iconic songs.

Hell In A Bucket> 6:26
West L.A. Fadeaway 8:12
1987-07/12 GIANTS STADIUM, East Rutherford, New Jersey Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991 Box Set

Truckin' 8:09
1971-02/19 CAPITOL THEATER, Port Chester, New York Three From The Vault

China Doll 5:27
1974-06/23 JAI-ALAI FRONTON, Miami, Florida
30 Days of Dead 2015

Movin Right Along
David Nelson Band
BRAND NEW SONG written by Robert Hunter

Cumberland Blues 4:52
1970-05/15 FILLMORE EAST, New York, New York
Road Trips Vol. 03 No. 3 Fillmore East 5/15/70 Bonus Disc

Clementine Jam 10:51
1969-08/13 Aoxomoxoa [Bonus Tracks]
Aoxomoxoa [Bonus Tracks] 

Week 02 // BMWs, Birthdays, & Break-Outs

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 58:00

Phil Lesh announced some b-day shows. Bear celebrates a b-day. And times where Jerry crashed a BMW and got busted in a BMW


80 Trips Around The Sun For Phil Lesh! 
The band's bassist has announced a three-night run at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.
The shows are billed as a “Surprise Party,” because nobody know's who will be performing will Phil & Friends until the curtain goes up the first night! 

Justin Mason - a fan and database whiz - created Listen To The Music Play: A Comprehensive and Interactive Guidebook
to the Set Lists and Available Recordings of the
Grateful Dead. It's about 2,500 pages!?

This is your Brain on BMWs:
35 Years Ago This Month
Jerry Garcia was popped for doing drugs in his BMW parked outside of Golden Gate Park (1/18/85)

25 Years Ago This Month 
Jerry Garcia escaped injury when he lost control of a brand-new BMW and smashed into a retaining wall on U.S. 101 in Marin County. The bummer part was it wasn't his BMW. His BMW was getting maintenance at the dealership so the car he crashed was the dealerships loaner car. (1/19/95)

Also. . .
30 Years Ago This Month 
Just A Little Light music video was released (1/15/90)

Owsley Stanley, aka The Bear was born on Jan 19 1935

We hear the only time Franklin's Tower was performed as an encore! 

The Music:
Just A Little Light 5:50
1990-03/18 CIVIC CENTER, Hartford, Connecticut
30 Days of Dead 2011

Easy Wind A 9:52
1970-01/16 SPRINGER'S INN, Portland, Oregon
30 Days of Dead 2010

Franklin's Tower 9:48
1976-06/09 BOSTON MUSIC HALL, Boston, Massachusetts
Road Trips Vol. 04 No. 5

China Cat Sunflower > 4:47
I Know You Rider                   4:12
1970-01/02 FILLMORE EAST, New York, New York
Dave's Picks Vol. 30

Smokestack Lightnin' [Version Two] 15:11
1970-02/08 FILLMORE EAST, New York, New York
History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) (Bonus Track)

Week 01 // Alligator Guitar Auction

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 58:00

In December of 2019, Jerry's guitar - Alligator - sold at auction. Interviews with the new owner and the auctioneer.


Jerry’s guitar, Alligator, was sold at an auction which took place on December 10th 2019. Other noteworthy lots included: Jerry’s personal collection of guitars, paintings by Jerry Garcia, his large collection of comics, as well as his Hawaiian shirts. 
We spoke with the winning bidder, Andy Logan:
The auctioneer – who was on the phone with Andy when he placed his winning bid – also shares insights on the guitar and other items that were in the auction.
Listen to the full interview here:

Week 04 // 49'ers - The Team and Truck

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 57:59

We throw out some Grateful Dead and San Francisco 49'er stats because there's a few fans, right? Plus, the band's old 1949 equipment truck


The Details:
((Olompali is pronounced All-Um-Paul-E))
We talk with the director and the producer of "Olompali - A Hippie Odyssey." 
In the mid-sixties, a wealthy businessman decides to "drop-out" of society and start a hippie commune. They formed their own school called Not-School, experimented with mind-altering substances, and threw parties attended by the Grateful Dead, Hells Angels, and hippies. Sounds like an average weekend at the radio station. . . 
For the 49'er fans - there's probably a few of them, right?
Barrett-Jackson's recent collector car auction sold the Grateful Dead's old equipment truck - A 1949 Studebaker! Get it? A 19-49!? 49'ers!? Flag on the play!?   
The truck sold for $29,700.00

An interview with the Barrett-Jackson guys:

Okay, for the 49'er fans
 - Levi Stadium loves their football. The San Francisco venue is breaking attendance records. The record-breaking turnouts at the stadium include: 
The National Championship Game with Clemson and Alabama  
Last November's 49'er / Green Bay Packers game
And Saturday's 49'er / Vikings game

Beyond that, the records are held by the Grateful Dead's 50th Anniversary concerts: Fare Thee Well

But Deadheads can't beat out the Hulkamaniacs. . . 
The record for the most people at Levi’s Stadium is WrestleMania 31 

The Tunes:
Black-Throated Wind>Deal 17:02
Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre May 12, 1991 
30 Days of Dead 2019

Cream Puff War 7:52
1966-07/29 P.N.E. GARDEN AUDITORIUM, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Truckin' 8:50
1971-08/23 AUDITORIUM THEATRE, Chicago, Illinois 
Road Trips Vol. 01 No. 3: Summer '71

Playing In The Band 16:52
1972-09/21 THE SPECTRUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Dick's Picks Vol. 36

Week 05 // Rock Poster Artist Wes Wilson Passes

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 57:59

Featuring Grateful Dead shows where Wes Wilson designed the posters. Commentary from rock poster collectors and historians.


The Details:
Concert Poster Artist, Wes Wilson, has passed away.

Wes Wilson pioneered what is now known as the psychedelic poster and generally acknowledged as the father of the 60s rock concert poster.

In '66, he designed the poster for what would become The Beatles' last major live performance.

In '67, one of his Grateful Dead posters made the cover of Life Magazine.

In '68, he received an award from the National Endowment for the Arts for “his contributions to American Art.”

Time magazine credited him as a leading poster artist.
The Chicago Tribune called him "founder of the hippie poster movement."
The Daily Californian described him as the most "widely known poster artist in the country."

His posters — noted by many for their "dazzling contrast" and near-illegibility to those without "psychedelic eyes" — have featured The Doors, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, the Grass Roots and more.

Later, his artwork was exhibited at the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C., the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and more.

Wes Wilson’s style of filling all available space with lettering, of creating fluid forms made from letters, and using flowing letters to create shapes became the standard that most artists followed in order to put “psychedelic” in the art.

Historians, journalists and fellow artists credit Wilson with launching an entire art movement — and the fluid block lettering style that became synonymous with the '60s — as the father of the psychedelic rock concert poster.

Wes Wilson reportedly worked until his passing, creating poster art for Moonalice. Wilson was 82.

The show features commentary from many leading rock poster historians and collectors.

The Music:
In The Pines 4:55
1966-07/16 FILLMORE AUDITORIUM, San Francisco, California Birth Of The Dead: The Live Sides

That's It For The Other One 18:22
1968-10/13 AVALON BALLROOM, San Francisco, California 30 Days of Dead 2016

Dancing In The Street 7:59
1966-07/03 FILLMORE AUDITORIUM, San Francisco, California 30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set

The Same Thing 11:41
1967-03/18 WINTERLAND ARENA, San Francisco, California So Many Roads Box Set

When I Paint My Masterpiece 6:59
1989-07/10 GIANTS STADIUM, East Rutherford, New Jersey Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991 Box Set 

Week 6 // This week in Grateful Dead news

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 57:58

The band got air time in the big game, jerry's guitars are going back on stage, a politician stretched the truth about his Grateful Dead connections...


The Details:
The group, Dark Star Orchestra, recreates the Grateful Dead concert experience. Their guitarist will play two guitars once owned and used by Jerry Garcia. A Martin D28 acoustic guitar a Fender Stratocaster — nicknamed “Alligator”
The shows are set for February 14th and 15th at The Warfield in San Francisco.
Both guitars were recently won at auction by Andy Logan. We chat with the guitars' new owner

In anticipation of Phil's 80th Trip Around The Sun (3/15), the Grateful Dead's bassist will recreate two of the only shows The Grateful Dead played on Phil's Birthday! (3/15/69 & 3/15/90). Phil Lesh’s Dead birthday shows are scheduled for Feb. 10 and 11 at Terrapin Crossroads.

Grace and Frankie, a Netflix Original Comedy, saw Frankie—played by Lily Tomlin— get in an argument about her Deadhead credentials! The "headier than thou" battle took place at a silent auction for a pair of Jerry Garcia‘s sneakers. Her opponent? A well-to-do character played by Michael McKean.

When the San Francisco 49'ers scored a touchdown in the big game, the music before the commercial break was from the Grateful Dead! Yes, the opening riffs of Bertha was used to segue from the game to commercials!

Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor and who is now challenging President Donald Trump in the GOP primary, says he fooled people about his passion for the Grateful Dead.
The politician told The Boston Globe that they were his favorite musical group. He shook hands with the band backstage at one of their Boston Garden concerts. He even wrote an ode to Jerry Garcia in the Globe after the Grateful Dead frontman’s death in 1995. He was perhaps the state’s top “Deadhead.”
Recently he spoke about how he cultivated his Deadhead reputation to muddy his political image and appeal to the Bay State’s “ethnic” voters during his first campaign in 1990.

We hear something from the band's recent release out of the vault - Dave's Picks 33.

Plus, something from a Kansas City show - not because the Chiefs won the big game but because their baseball team announced their first ever Grateful Dead Night - May 22nd. Royals fans will be able to get a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Bobble-Head! 

The Music:
Althea 6:55
1990-03/15 CAPITAL CENTRE, Landover, Maryland
Without A Net

Bertha 5:43
1972-05/13 LILLE FAIRGROUNDS, Lille, France
Europe '72: The Complete Recordings

Looks Like Rain 8:52
1977-10-29 Evans Field House, Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL 
(Dave's Picks 33)

Help On The Way > 4:09
Slipknot >                  7:26
Franklin's Tower 10:19
1991-09/10 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, New York City
30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set

Johnny B. Goode 4:15
1978-07/01 ARROWHEAD STADIUM, Kansas City, Missouri
July '78 Box Set 

Week 07 // Owsley Stanley Foundation - New Riders

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 58:00

Dawn of The New Riders of The Purple Sage, featuring the largest collection of music with Jerry Garcia on steel guitar


Owsley Stanley, The Grateful Dead's soundman, archivist, and financial supporter, recorded shows which would become: "Bear's Sonic Journals." Through The Owsley Stanley Foundation, these Sonic Journals are now being released. 
The most recent release is "Dawn Of The New Riders Of The Purple Sage." The 5-CD box set features Jerry Garcia on steel guitar, Mickey Hart on drums, and a guest appearance from Bobby "Ace" Weir.

The boys with the Owsley Stanley Foundation guest host this program.
The Setlist:
New Minglewood Blues
10/29/77 - DAVE’S PICKS VOLUME 33: 

Me And My Uncle
08-28-69 Family Dog - San Francisco

If You Hear Me When I'm Leaving
Fillmore West - San Francisco

The Race Is On
Fillmore West - San Francisco

Family Dog - San Francisco

Honky Tonk Women
Fillmore West - San Francisco

Death & Destruction
Mandrake's - Berkeley 

Week 08 // The Hits Just Keep Comin'

From Cory Daniels | Part of the Dead Air - Unofficial Grateful Dead Radio Program For Official Releases series | 57:59

The Grateful Dead now have 100 albums that have charted in the US and the hits just keep comin' - the band has plans to release a 15-disc box set


The Grateful Dead have now charted 100 albums in the U.S.
The band's latest release, Dave's Picks 33, debuted at Number 45 on the Billboard 200 which makes it the group’s one hundredth title to break into the all-genre tally that ranks the most popular full-lengths in the U.S. every week.
Even some highly successful groups don’t make it to 10 charting titles so 100 is nearly unheard of. These days, the Grateful Dead rarely miss the Billboard 200 whenever they have something even slightly different to share with fans, and quite a few of their more recent releases have landed inside the upper half of the chart, beating out new projects from rappers and pop stars of today.
The Hits Just Keep Comin'
A 15-disc box set titled: "June 1976" will be released next month. With five previously unreleased shows from that hotly anticipated tour, June 1976 will revisit this dynamic chapter in the Dead’s history. 
In October of 1974, the Grateful Dead took a break from touring. The following year - 1975 - they played 4 "pop-up" shows. In June of '76, after a year and a half of taking it easy, the band was back on the road! 
The band started the month of June with two shows from Portland, OR which haven't been released. 
The Summer East Coast Tour had 17 shows: 
- 9 of those shows will now be officially released
- 6 of those shows have been partially released
- 5 of those shows will be on the new box set
- 3 of those shows have been previously released in their complete form
- 3 of those shows have never been released
By July of '76, the Grateful Dead were back in California.  
Grateful Dead fans love stats like that so it should come to no surprise there's a Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus. Every year in February some of the most nerdiest and headiest fans gather in New Mexico to talk about the Dead. 

The Music:

Dire Wolf 4:11
Dave's Picks Vol. 33

Looks Like Rain
6/10/76 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA
June 1976 - Digital Single Release
Passenger 3:54
October 7, 1977 Albuquerque, NM, University Arena (aka The Pit') - University Of New Mexico 
30 Days of Dead 2019

Touch Of Grey 6:57
1989-07/12 ROBERT F. KENNEDY STADIUM, Washington DC
RFK Stadium 1989 Box

China Cat Sunflower> 8:08
I Know You Rider 6:00
1973-06/26 SEATTLE CENTER ARENA, Seattle, Washington
Pacific Northwest '73-'74: The Complete Recordings

Morning Dew 10:09
1987-07/12 GIANTS STADIUM, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991 Box Set