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Playlist: Scott Goldberg's Portfolio

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A Unique Clinic for the Uninsured

From Scott Goldberg | 07:01

For the past twenty years, Shepherd's Clinic in Baltimore has provided comprehensive health care to the uninsured -- without any government funding. Since the recession began in 2008, more and more people are finding themselves walking through the clinic's doors for the first time.

Mainheader_small Jack VandenHengel, Shepherd's co-founder and executive director, likes to say that his clinic is unique nationwide. For a voluntary donation of an hour's wage, the uninsured can receive high-quality primary and specialty care, behavioral and wellness services. The clinic takes no government money and relies on over 350 volunteer health care professionals. 

I visited the clinic to see how it has survived over the years and how it will be affected by the new health care law.

Preaching Healthy Living in African-American Churches

From Scott Goldberg | 06:33

Diabetes among African-American adults has reached epidemic proportions. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Souls -- an innovative public health program in Baltimore -- is going after the problem by connecting with people where they pray.


The rate of diabetes among African-American adults is 63% greater than the rate found in the general population. The problem is exacerbated in the inner-city where there are barriers to accessing healthy foods and participating in physical activity. In Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has teamed up with African American churches to find creative, sustainable ways to bring down the obesity level among parishioners. I visited one church, Gospel Tabernacle, and filed this report.