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Playlist: Rene & John

Compiled By: John Tynan

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Every so often, Rene and I make radio stories together.

For the Love of Spam

From Rene Gutel | 04:07

A Couple Discovers a Rift over Breakfast

Default-piece-image-2 In relationships, there may be a moment when you realize that you don't really know the other person. They'll do something unexpected and you feel as though they're a complete stranger. Radio producer Rene Gutel had this realization recently with her newlywed husband, John Tynan.

B-Side Radio: Holiday Special

From B-Side Radio | 29:01

Just in time for the holidays, the B-Side Radio crew brings you stories of holiday cooking, shopping, tree hunting and charity gone awry.

Santas1_small B-Side's Tamara Keith and Erika Kelly visit Union Square in San Francisco and find it filled with holiday cheer - and a couple of hundred intoxicated people dressed as Santa. Stories include: Tamara Keith on making latkes the right way. Ethan Lindsey on chopping down his own Christmas tree. Erika Kelly on making her son a wooden toy. Scott Gurian on his father's attempt to play Santa and what went wrong. Rene Gutel on her husband's Christmas present and an ethical dilema.