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Playlist: DAN WARGO

Compiled By: Tex Bailey

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"The Stone Age" with Dan Wargo (Series)

Produced by Daniel Wargo

Most recent piece in this series:

'The Stone Age' Program 248

From Daniel Wargo | Part of the "The Stone Age" with Dan Wargo series | 59:01

Sa-248_small 'The Stone Age' Program 248 is a dedicatioin of sorts to people with what was once called 'Soul'...These artists created very influential Sound that reverberated throughout the culture. Various approaches to music are represented in this program. Various artistic approaches are presented from artists such as Leon Russell, The Beatles, Curtis Mayfield and others. This show is designed for all audiences to enjoy. Part of the series available here on Public Radio Exchange, this program helps to clarify why a certain era of musical sound needs to be preserved. Since 2004, 'The Stone 'Age' was created to entertain and inform the public radio stations of North America...with the very best music of the '60's and '70's. 'The Stone Age' series has been heard in India as well as the different regions of this Continent.