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Playlist: Joyride Media Hosts

Compiled By: Joyride Media


Sampler of hosts available for Joyride Media specials.

Ozzy Osbourne: Looking Back

From Joyride Media | 59:00

Host: Eric Chase - a radio v/o pro, not a dj on a station. Works quickly and is as neutral as a host can be.

More details at http://www.eccsvox.com


When Ozzy Osbourne started his solo career, he needed to find musicians that would help him craft a new sound.  He found the perfect match in guitarist Randy Rhoads.  They only worked together for a few years before a tragic accident took Randy's life, but what he and Ozzy accomplished in that short time - two records and many live shows - is a testament to a real musical connection.

In this one-hour radio special you'll hear highlights from Ozzy and Randy's time together and talk with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Bill Ward, Rob Halford, Steve Vai, Nikki Sixx, Rudy Sarzo and many others.

U2: Achtung Baby

From Joyride Media | 59:00

Host: Jim Kerr (WAXQ / Q104.3 - New York, NY)

Worked great on a wide mix of Classic Rock, AAA (commercial and noncom), Alternative, NPR news/talkers and other eclectic noncoms. Most importantly, it got the show on Q104.3. Very quick and easy recording process.

Achtung_small It’s not easy for any successful band to re-invent themselves. In the early 1990s, U2 learned this the hard way, when their attempts to follow up the anthemic rock of The Joshua Tree and the blues-tinged Rattle & Hum with something totally different.  The process nearly broke up the band, but also took them where they needed to be to reconstruct the band piece by piece, and create music like they've never made before.  "What we did," says U2 front-man Bono,  "was we broke up that band and formed another one, but with the same people…I think we all recognize that making Achtung Baby was the reason we’re still here now."

In this one-hour special, comments by all four U2 members (Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr) tell the story of their November 1991 release, Achtung Baby,  its songs like "Mysterious Ways," "One," "Even Better than the Real Thing" and the subsequent tours that redefined both how U2 would be perceived by the world and themselves.  These rare, insightful interviews are provided by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (It Might Get Loud, An Inconvenient Truth), from the footage of his acclaimed 2011 documentary, U2 From the Sky Down.

Music heard throughout the program include the classic album tracks and rare or previously unreleased outtakes and covers compiled for the Achtung Baby: Deluxe Edition.  Detailed cue sheet, online report form and other updates are online at http://radiosho.ws/u2

Rolling Stones: Some Girls

From Joyride Media | 59:00

Host: Anthony DeCurtis (journalist)

He is good, and definitely neutral, but not as easy to record and edit.

Somegirlscd_small Exclusive interviews with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood tell the story behind Some Girls - their 1978 album that featured an exciting mix of Punk, Disco, Rock & Roll, the streets of New York and a lot more. 

54:00 and 59:00 versions available here, plus three previously unreleased "airplay tracks" for your regular music programs.

Featured music includes songs from Some Girls, their most played album on radio today, thanks to classics like “Miss You,” “Beast of Burden,” “Shattered” and more.  You'll also hear previously unreleased tracks from the Stones’ 1977-78 sessions, “No Spare Parts,” “Claudine,” “I Love You Too Much,” and others from the new Deluxe Edition.

Additional interview comments come from Rolling Stone contributing editor, Steve Knopper and Jon Langford (The Mekons, Waco Brothers and WXRT Chicago). Anthony DeCurtis is the host.