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Playlist: L.A. Theatre Works

Compiled By: Madelyn Kontis

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L.A. Theatre Works (Series)

Produced by L.A. Theatre Works

Most recent piece in this series:

Behind the Sheet

From L.A. Theatre Works | Part of the L.A. Theatre Works series | 01:58:00

Behind-the-sheet-digital-cover-3000x3000-r1v1_small In 1840’s Alabama, a slave-owning doctor performs medical experiments on involuntary subjects – his slaves – in an effort to solve the problem of fistulas, a post-childbirth anomaly. As the experiments proceed, the enslaved women realize their survival will depend on learning to trust each other. 

Behind the Sheet is part of L.A. Theatre Works’ Relativity Series of science-themed plays. Lead funding for the Relativity Series is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, bridging science and the arts in the modern world.

Behind the Sheet by Charly Evon Simpson was directed by Rosalind Ayres and Inger Tudor.
Starring, in alphabetical order:
Monica McSwain as Mary;
Matthew Floyd Miller as Samuel and Edward;
Dominique Morriseau as Dinah;
Larry Powell as Lewis and Benjamin;
Devon Sorvari as Josephine;
Jasmine St. Clair as Betty;
Josh Stamberg as George;
Danielle Truitt as Sally;
and Karen Malina White as Philomena.
Narration performed by Inger Tudor