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Playlist: L.A. Theatre Works

Compiled By: Madelyn Kontis

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L.A. Theatre Works (Series)

Produced by L.A. Theatre Works

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Hedda Gabler

From L.A. Theatre Works | Part of the L.A. Theatre Works series | 01:58:00

Hedda-gabler-artwork_small Thanks to the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler is one of theater's most famous characters. She comes to life thanks to Ibsen's keen psychological insight and his sensitivity to the plight of women in the 19th century. And while her story unfolds in a time long past, her circumstances are universal, and are easily recognizable to audiences today.

Hedda Gabler
 by Henrik Ibsen, English version by Doug Hughes. Directed by Debbie Devine. Starring Jocelyn Towne as Hedda. Also starring Josh Bitton, JD Cullum, Gregory Harrison, Shannon Holt, Elizabeth Ruscio and Karen Malina White.

Recorded before a live audience at UCLA's James Bridges Theater in June 2019.