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This piece belongs to the series "April 2010 - Isla Earth Radio Series"

Produced by Catalina Island Conservancy

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Summary: A rhinestone dog collar: $35. A doggy doo composter: Priceless...

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Go Dog Go

My wife used to teach little kids how to read. So when someone in our home is doing something the others appreciate, we cry: "Go dog go."

I've never had a more meaningful opportunity to use the phrase than now.

Go dog, go.

The humble Farmer

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An Excellent Piece on Urban Agriculture

The title to this piece reminds me of a bit of wisdom Zach says he heard me pass along on my radio program many years ago. --- What’s the shortest sentence in the English language? “I am.” What’s the longest sentence in the English language? “I do.” If saying do once gets you into trouble, can it also suggest what you might be stepping in if you get married twice?
Thanks for this piece. We can all appreciate what you are doing here for city people.

Of course here in Maine, where there is more elbow room, it's a different story. Any organic rhubarb farmer knows that even a Saint Bernard will never replace his young Angus bull when it comes to enriching and preserving our planet. And after three years of faithful service, you wouldn't eat the dog.

Keep up the good work. We'll be listening.

The humble Farmer