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Well done

Now I have forgotten what I was looking for when the witty title to your piece sucked me in.

Well done.

It reminds me that over 30 years ago I, a bachelor of 40, got a handful of women's underwear at Good Will. We were dedicating and unveiling a brass plaque on the outside of the church to honor a maiden lady of about 80. While everyone was in the church, I was commissioned to bolt the plaque in place and cover it with cloth that could be yanked away after all were assembled. Being a product of my age, I thought it would be delicious fun to cover the plaque with women’s underwear. --- And while running the delicate little things through my washing machine, I thought it would be even more fun to go next door to my old neighbor, Gramp Wiley, and tell him that I had to leave and would he please come over in half an hour and hang out the wash I had thrown in the machine. He later told me that while he was hanging it out on my line, the very same very proper lady we were about to honor and surprise with a plaque drove in my yard. Gramp said, “I felt like a fool.” The following week in a newspaper report of the dedication, we read that “… the plaque was covered with material supplied by Robert Skoglund which he must have obtained with some difficulty.”

From your interesting report one would guess that nowadays little boys are a bit more blasé than even big boys were years ago.

We have lost our innocence.

I share your pain.

The humble Farmer